From the Executive Director, December 2011

Mark D. LaskeyDear Friends,

At this very special time of year let us pause from the holiday bustle and reflect on the true meaning of the Christmas Season: our Savior came to us as a newborn child with the simple message of our Father’s unconditional and redeeming love. If we can hold on to that image and promise, 2012 will be a blessed year.

LCS’s chaplains minister to those in need on a daily basis. It is their calling. It is a simple calling, but it bears a tremendous amount of responsibility with it. As we pause to reflect during this holy time of year, if you have a quiet moment, please offer a prayer for our chaplains, their ministries and to those they care for.

That will certainly help keep the real meaning of Christmas alive.

May God bless you and your loved ones this Christmas Season.


Mark D. Laskey
Executive Director

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