President of the Board 2013 Annual Report – Change – Challenge – Commitment

 Dear Friends,

2013 was certainly all of the above! Not only did we, as an organization and a Board, need to get comfortable with our new name, we had the goals and recommendations set before us from our strategic planning sessions to address, as well as the change in the composition of Chaplain Partnership’s staff. All of these changes presented challenges in their own unique ways.

I believe that I may be vocalizing for most of the Board members when I say that I often caught myself referring to the organization by its former name, which I am not going to mention here for self-discipline purposes. Old habits do die hard! Chaplain Partnership. Chaplain Partnership.

The strategic plan, while a valuable and necessary component for growth within an organization, does challenge the organization to look objectively at its strengths and weaknesses. Strengths are usually easy to identify and build upon – weaknesses, not so much. Weaknesses, once identified and acknowledged, take effort and willingness to move beyond.

Then there was the passing of our colleague and Development Director, Beth Vanadia, whose death added additional duties, and stress, to Chaplain Partnership’s administrative staff. It could have been very easy, and understandable, if some of Beth’s responsibilities had gone unattended or were abandoned altogether. However, never underestimate the resolve of God’s people!

Through dedication and commitment, we have all embraced the name of Chaplain Partnership, as it more appropriately describes what we do as an organization, being empowered by the Gospel to bring the promise of hope, healing, wholeness and balance to persons experiencing the blessings and brokenness of human life. Through dedication and commitment, the Board is systematically working on those items that will make the organization stronger and more effective, using the gifts and talents with which we have been blessed to carry out our mission. And it is through dedication and commitment that has led Executive Director, Mark Laskey; Operations and Human Resource Manager, Judy Ziolek; and Administrative Assistant, Gina Svat, to recognize the vacuums, address the urgent, and steward the organization’s resources to keep Chaplain Partnership a healthy and sound servant of God’s Kingdom. My hat is off to Mark, Judy and Gina for their tireless efforts.

I have been blessed to have served this organization as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the past several years. My prayer is for the continued success and growth of Chaplain Partnership under the leadership of new Chairman, Scott Robinson, and the newly elected Board in this year of 2014, our 100th Anniversary.

God’s Peace,

Jon H. Limbach, President and Chairman, CP Board of Directors

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