Stories of Hope and Healing

Stepping back into my office after a long morning of doing rounds on my various hospital units, I found a note taped to my door. It was a request from a young husband who asked that I visit with his wife. She was recently admitted and they were awaiting a diagnosis so that a plan of care could be implemented.

I went to the patient’s room and was met by a delightful young woman. She shared with me how her faith is helping her during this time of waiting. We talked about her love of God, and how God delights in “creating a way where there appears to be no way.” (Isaiah 43:16) Then she shared with me how, through this illness, she is learning to trust God for each step of her life’s journey (one step at a time), rather than needing to know God’s whole plan all at once.

This young woman told me that these were major life lessons for her, lessons that came about because of her journey with illness and suffering. She shared that this time of illness was making her stronger, not only physically as she healed, but also spiritually as she learned to trust more fully in God’s love and care.

In moments such as these, patients take comfort in having a professional chaplain as a part of their interdisciplinary team. And I, too, believe that hope and healing comes as God intersects the path of my life with another one of His children through this caring and compassionate ministry called Chaplaincy. I am deeply blessed.

Rev. Alice F. Walsh, MDiv, BCC
Staff Chaplain

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