A View from Within

As a retired nurse, having spent the majority of my career in an inner city emergency department, I know firsthand the importance of the presence of a chaplain. The pace in the emergency department is rapid and it’s necessary to prioritize all tasks. Persons with life-threatening events obviously take priority. When taking care of the high acuity patients, staff is completely focused on the patient, although in the back of their mind they know that family/friends are waiting impatiently to get some word on the status of their loved one. Knowing that the chaplain is with the family and communicating between the medical staff and family is comforting, not only to the family, but to the staff as well. Later, when the patient, family, and staff can unite, it is again comforting to have the chaplain assist in dealing with the outcome of the life-threatening situation. ~ June Carmean, RN, Former Director of Emergency Services

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