CP Elects New Officers

At the May 28 meeting of Chaplain Partnership’s Board of Directors, the following individuals were elected:

• Luisa Barone Gantt (Secretary) | The Center for Health Affairs/CHAMPS Healthcare
• The Rev. Donald P. Beaumont | Bethel Lutheran Church
• June L. Carmean, RN, MBA, HACP | Lutheran Hospital (retired)
• Barbara Hoekstra (Vice President) | Lutheran Hospital (retired)
• Sam Jakabcic | Conrad’s Tire Express
• Megan O’Donnell Patton | O’Donnell & Associates
• Scott Robinson, Esq. (President) | Schneider, Smeltz, Ranney & LaFond P.L.L.
• Carol Santalucia | CHAMPS Patient Experience
• Tammy Smith | Rockport Early Childhood Center
• Gregory M. M. Videtic, MD, CM | Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Welcome aboard to our new Board members!

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