7th Annual Brew Fest

We’re happy to report that our 7th Annual Brew Fest was a great success! With 60 of our closest personal friends joining together for food, fun and fellowship at Market Garden Brewery, what’s not to like!

This year’s event featured a silent auction of items generously donated by our friends, including:

  • “Soul-Soothing Tea” basket won by Barbara Hoekstra / donated by Linda Baumbach & Ann Estesen
  • “Lady Bug” Quilt won by Marybeth Laskey / donated by Paulette Goytowski
  • “Suds & Fun” won by Gerry Guest / donated by Market Garden Brewery
  • “Autumn Magic” won by Eric Ziolek / donated by June Carmean
  • “Animals & Nursery Rhymes” Quilt won by Barbara Hoekstra / donated by Paulette Goytowski
  • “Coffee Warm-Up” won by Dawn Chavalia / donated by June Carmean
  • “You Are Loved” Quilt won by Maureen Gwynn / donated by Mark Laskey
  • “Auto Repair: Fix It – or Tape It!” won by Mark Svat / donated by Sam Jakabcic & ShurTech
  • “Stripes & Sheep” Quilt won by Lisa Hegemier / donated by Paulette Goytowski

Thank you to all who attended and/or donated items and a special thanks is in order to the Ohio District Church Extension Fund for their support of the event. The entire evening was a tremendous success!


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