Notes from the Executive Director

Well, winter’s done, spring was sprung, and here we are in summer. Time flies when you’re busy!


Mark D. Laskey

Currently we’re working on searches for two new chaplains and completing negotiations to add a position at a new hospital. We also recently enjoyed the opportunity to host a luncheon meeting with our chaplains and the members of the Friends of Chaplain Partnership. Our Friends do an amazing job of knitting and sewing handmade articles for our chaplains to distribute to their patients to let them know that others care. It’s a wonderful example of reaching out to others through an act of kindness.


Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish Chaplains Allen Alexander and Clifflora Wright every happiness on their respective retirements. Thank you for your many years of ministry to those in need and may God bless you both as you begin your well-deserved rewards!

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