President of the Board 2009 Annual Report

It is my pleasure to serve the Chaplain Partnership as the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Last year was filled with many changes for the agency and board.

There was a major update to our governance model and corporate structure last spring. LCS now has moved from having many congregations as its members to having The Northeastern Ohio Synod of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the Ohio District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod as its members. This updated governance model addresses the changes that have been experienced by our local supporting congregations. The flexibility in the structure will enable LCS to be responsive to future opportunities.

Since late 2009 we have been in our first executive leadership transition in 28 years. The board accepted the resignation of Rick Warger from the position of Executive Director with deep regret in December and appointed Mary Carson to the position of Interim Executive Director. Rick’s health continues to improve and your ongoing thoughts and prayers for Rick and Ellen are appreciated.

The Search Committee of the board updated the position description and position skills and experience requirements, and a posting for the Executive Director’s position has been published on several professional websites and publications. They will review applications and begin interviews this summer. The Search Committee plans to select the new Executive Director by the end of 2010.

The board has taken the opportunity of the economic downturn and the cancellation of several contracts to focus attention on our value proposition, our chaplains and the service they provide. Many hours have been spent discussing the proposition and sharing it with various professionals outside the organization to create a succinct statement to be used in seeking new contracts.

We are beginning to see a turnaround in our financial outlook. It is encouraging to see the continued financial support from individuals and institutions; it validates the positive impact that LCS has on the people we serve and the commitment to our mission: Being empowered by the Gospel, the mission of Chaplain Partnership is to bring the promise of hope, healing, wholeness and balance to persons experiencing the blessings and brokenness of human life.

Thank for your continued support.

In Service,

Jon H. Limbach
President and Chairman
LCS Board of Directors

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