Board Member Spotlight: Lee Irving

Lee IrvingLCS board member Lee Irving has a deep affection for the ministry of LCS and the work of chaplains. “Having a chaplain available to anyone who is in need of bodily healing from an illness or injury is a blessing, and the chaplain is a reminder to us all that we are more than just our body. In fact, no matter what happens to the body, whether it is cured or it isn’t, there is much more to us that makes each one of us a brother and sister in God. Chaplains serve as a very vivid reminder that when a person is in a situation where they need physical healing they can rest assured that there is more to them, much more, than just their body,” Irving said.

Lee and his wife Linda are residents of Hudson, Ohio, and have two grown children, Lisa and Lance. Lee retired in 2006 from KeyCorp, one of the nation’s largest financial services companies. In addition to serving as the Vice President of the Board of Directors of Chaplain Partnership, Lee is the Executive Committee chairman for public radio station WKSU, Kent, Ohio (89.7 FM). He is the Finance Committee Chairman and a former Senior Warden for Christ Church Episcopal in Hudson and Director of Hudson Job Search.

When asked about his involvement with LCS, Lee shared a personal story that impacted his decision to join the board. “When I was approached by a former LCS board member and was asked to become involved with LCS, I was in the process of admitting my dad to hospice and comforting my mom. When my dad passed, the experience was as good as it could be in large part because of the presence of chaplains and clergy. I believe that my dad was at peace with God when he passed – no need to have a final conversation – he passed peacefully into the comfort of God’s arms. I feel that the chaplains had a lot to do with this. Seeing the positive impact on my family, I felt the organization was worth my support.”

Lee’s involvement also stems from his belief that to give is to receive. “It’s the attitude that you bring into a room when you arrive. Even if the prevailing sentiment might be negative you can choose differently and change the day for everyone. By sharing God’s love with those in their time of need chaplains have a positive impact in their sphere of influence,” he said.

In his spare time, Lee has followed his wife Linda’s lead into two activities. He is newly into Jin Shin Jyutsu, the body energy practice that’s sometimes referred to as “the touch of healing.” And he is an eager yoga student trying to work out the tightness and stiffness resulting from 40+ years of distance running.

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