Lakewood and Fairview Merge Pastoral Care Departments

Wenger, Chaplain Charlie Terrell, Chaplain Ed Schwet and Chaplain Bill Combs

Chaplains Dan Wenger, Charlie Terrell, Ed Schwet and Bill Combs

Change is in the air in the Pastoral Care Departments at Fairview and Lakewood Hospitals this year. After serving as Coordinator of Pastoral Care at Fairview Hospital for 11 years, Chaplain Charles Terrell resigned in early March to move to North Carolina. He is now the Director of Pastoral Care at Cape Fear Valley Health System.

Chaplain Dan Wenger, a staff chaplain at Fairview for 9 years, has moved into the newly renamed position of Director of Pastoral Care. His responsibilities have increased with the decision by the leadership of Fairview and Lakewood Hospitals to merge the Pastoral Care Departments of the two hospitals in April.

Chaplain David Walker, chaplain at Lakewood Hospital for over 18 years, is now serving half-time at Lakewood and half-time at Fairview. Chaplain Robin Schreiber who has provided interim coverage for LCS at a number of hospitals over the years is also serving half-time at Fairview during the search for a new full-time staff chaplain.

The Fairview team still includes Chaplain Bill Combs; Father Ed Schwet, the Roman Catholic priest assigned to Fairview by the Diocese of Cleveland; and a large team of on-call chaplains and volunteers.

During his time leading the Fairview department, Terrell worked hard to create a strong team committed to a collaborative approach to ministry. His efforts are bearing fruit in this time of significant transition in the department. Even though the faces are changing, the commitment to a team approach to providing the best possible pastoral care to the patients, families, and employees of Fairview and Lakewood Hospitals is still central to the department’s mission.

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