Chaplain Retreat

Chaplain Partnership hosted its annual chaplain retreat on Friday, October 5 at Centering Space in Lakewood, Ohio. Located on the shores of Lake Erie, this beautiful location provided our chaplains the chance to unplug and refresh their spirits.

Our facilitator for this year’s retreat was the Rev. Jim Kulma, M.Div., BCC, and his theme was “Grounding the Body, Opening the Heart.” In response to the increasing stress levels faced by chaplains, due to outside factors such as the opioid crisis and other compassion “burnout” issues, Jim taught a number of self-help physical exercises to help the chaplains be in touch with their own physicality to reduce stress.

The event also provided chaplains the opportunity to network and share best practices with one another. Many thanks are in order to Pastor Donald Rice, Jr., and the wonderful people at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Dover, Ohio, for their gracious underwriting of this program. May God bless you all!

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