Retired & Admired!

The Rev. Harry Werner, M.Div., BCC retired on November 30, 2018, ending an amazing 37-year tenure as Director of Pastoral Care at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. And talk about dedication – Harry was on-call 24/7/365 for the first 25 years of service! What a calling!

A graduate of Parma’s Valley Forge High School, and Concordia Jr. and Sr. Colleges, he received his Master of Divinity degree from Christ Seminary in St. Louis. His Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) training was completed at St. Louis State Hospital and Baptist Memorial Hospital in San Antonio. Following his CPE residency, he served at Brenham State School in Brenham, Texas, a facility for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In 1981, Harry moved to Cleveland where he served as Director of Pastoral Care at UH Cleveland Medical Center for the next 37 years.

Harry’s personnel file is full of many thank you notes, letters and accolades he received over the course of his career from patients, their families and from UH co-workers. If there is one underlying theme it is his unwavering dedication to providing pastoral care to those in need. Examples of visiting patients, consoling grieving family members, providing sacramental acts, organizing memorial services and bolstering the spirits of caregivers are abundant. Suffice it to say that his personnel file is a fitting testament to his dedication as a chaplain.

We wish Harry and his wife, Sheila, every happiness as they begin their new adventure. Thank you, Harry, for your wonderful service. It’s been a pleasure, and may God bless you and your family!

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