Friends of CP

For 71 years, our auxiliary, The Friends of Chaplain Partnership, have supplied our chaplains with a wonderful array of handmade items, including prayer shawls, lap robes, walker bags, baby blankets, mittens, hats and infant burial outfits. Our chaplains use these items to help bring comfort to those they minister.

Recently, our Friends received the following thank you note in appreciation of their handiwork and for the simple joy it brought to a wife and her husband:

January 11, 2019

Dear “Friends,” 

Before Christmas last year I was sitting in I.C.U. in Trumbull Hospital with my husband when a woman came into our room and presented me with a gift – a shawl from “The Friends of Chaplain Partnership.”

That shawl was such a blessing! I sat with my husband for hours and used that shawl since the room was very cold. I loved it!

When my husband was moved to another floor, heused the shawl. It was so warm.

I sincerely want to thank you for that “gift.” I would like to make one similar and hope I can find similar yarn.

Again, many thanks for your gift. It was greatly appreciated.


Marlene S. – Warren, OH

Many thanks to our Friends for their continued service and to Chaplain Tanya Setree for her ministry.

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