Notes from the Executive Director

Mark Laskey

One of the benefits of my position is the pleasure of being able to serve such an amazing group of hard working and dedicated individuals – our chaplains. Over the course of my tenure with Chaplain Partnership, I’ve regularly been amazed by tales of compassion, empathy, tolerance and flat-out love. I’ve learned that our chaplains often deal with people who are at their worst or best – and sometimes simultaneously. Their territory covers the whole panoply of human emotions.

I’ve also learned that chaplains are often faced with making difficult logistical decisions. There are patient-to-chaplain ratios from 30:1 up to 100:1 based on the type of patients served. And remember, for each patient served there might be family members and staff who also require quality spiritual care. Some hospitals do not employ the proper number of chaplains, so one chaplain may be faced with the difficult decision of having to prioritize who he/she is able to minister to. Talk about stress.

Finally, I’ve learned that caregivers need spiritual care, too, so the next time you have the chance, please keep our chaplains in your prayers. Thank you, and may God bless you abundantly.

Mark D. Laskey
Executive Director





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