Chaplain Retreat

On Friday, November 8, 2019, Chaplain Partnership held its annual Chaplain Retreat. It was graciously hosted by Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Brecksville. Our facilitator was Pastor Larry Klinker, formerly of Zion Lutheran Church in New Middletown, Ohio, who currently serves as interim pastor of Martin Luther Lutheran Church in Youngstown. Larry is a certified Spiritual Director, and his facilitation of our retreat focused on contemplative prayer and personal spiritual practices.

The day started with an exposure to three different spiritual centers: intellectual, movement (body), and emotional. Larry led us through a discussion around the three different spiritual centers and the importance of activating all three to remain spiritually awake.

Pastor Larry discussed the work of the mystics and how reading mystics even from differing faith traditions can awaken the senses and stir intellectual and spiritual curiosity, leading to a richer faith experience. We practiced the art of being still with two 20-minute periods of complete silence in which to practice our contemplative prayer.

We also experienced the movement aspect of prayer through a labyrinth experience. Larry directed us through an introduction to walking the labyrinth as an additional way to pray using movement.

The day was intellectually and spiritually stimulating, and the contemplative nature of the prayer experience was deeply relaxing and satisfying.

Many thanks are in order to Rev. Donald L. Rice, Jr., Senior Pastor of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Dover, Ohio, for graciously underwriting this program for our chaplains.

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