Chaplain Stories

A Day in the Life of a Chaplain

My day contains key touchstones: rest, rejuvenation, intentional prayer, meditation, caregiving, reflection and self-care. After a deep sleep, I start with personal prayer/meditation in my “retreat nook” at home – where I pause to reflect, rejuvenate. Reading material, Bible, pen & paper, candle are nearby to align myself with centering for the day ahead. My […]

Celebrating a Loved One’s Life

One morning in February, I was paged to come to the ER. Upon my arrival, the staff was working on an elderly woman trying to revive her. I met some family members and escorted them to the family waiting room. It was there that I got to know about the mother and grandmother in the […]

My smile has returned!

Dear Rev. Walsh, Thank you doesn’t seem like enough words for the time that you spent with me. You came in the room to meet with my husband, but you found me! Our visit was uplifting and got me to spread my wings instead of continue to nest and not venture out. God is warming […]

Thank You from a Medical School Student

Dear Rev. Werner, It was a great privilege to be able to shadow you and watch you work today. The experience helps me as a medical student understand aspects of patients and their care that I may not be able to experience as well while wearing a white coat. Thank you very much for your […]