Executive Director

Executive Director on “Living the Word”

Chaplain Partnership’s Executive Director, Mark Laskey, recently appeared on Glenn Mertz’ radio program, “Living the Word”. If you’d like to listen to the podcast you can access it here.https://thewordcleveland.com/radioshow/2088. Thank you, Glenn, for this wonderful opportunity to share our mission.

Notes from the Executive Director

Well, winter’s done, spring was sprung, and here we are in summer. Time flies when you’re busy!   Currently we’re working on searches for two new chaplains and completing negotiations to add a position at a new hospital. We also recently enjoyed the opportunity to host a luncheon meeting with our chaplains and the members […]

Notes from the Executive Director

I hope that you enjoyed a blessed holiday and holy day season and that 2017 is filled with peace, good health and prosperity.   As we begin the new year, it’s good to pause and reflect on the past year and to consider our course for the future. Last year, we were blessed with the […]

Notes from the Executive Director

Well, here it is June, and it seems like we just finished with Christmas! It’s funny how fast time can pass when you’re busy – and we’ve definitely been busy! This past January we were pleased to welcome Chaplains Allen Alexander, Vance Awa, John King, Thomas Pussel, Robin Schreiber and Bertrice Wood as our newest […]

Notes from the Executive Director

We’ve been very busy over the course of the last few months with everything from settling into our new office to hiring a new chaplain to building relationships with new institutions. All in all, it’s been quite a summer! Our chaplains continue to amaze me with their dedication and commitment to their respective callings. They […]

Thank You, All!

As we wind down our centennial anniversary, it is fitting that we take stock of the past year with a deep sense of gratitude – thanks for the blessings we received over the course of the last century that have enabled us to minister to those in need, thanks for a resolve to continue our […]

Annual Appeal

Dear Friend: “His compassion for me was genuine and simply expressed. I truly felt that there was a spiritual component to his comforting gesture. Because of his presence, I felt reassured that my family and I were in God’s hands.” – BH “I picked up the Portals of Prayer and began reading and every one […]

As I see it…

Now, that the elections are over and the dust settles, and before both sides start blaming one another for the nation’s ills, it would be a great time to pray for all elected officials that they act in a responsible manner as adults in service to all.

Prayer of St. Francis

Even though the scholars agree that St. Francis didn’t write it, it’s still a great prayer… The Prayer of St. Francis Lord, make me an instrument of your peace, Where there is hatred, let me sow love;where there is injury, pardon;where there is doubt, faith;where there is despair, hope;where there is darkness, light;where there is […]

Welcome Aboard, Howard!

Chaplain Partnership is pleased to announce that Howard Chavalia has joined its Administrative Staff as the new Director of Development & Community Relations, effective March 19, 2014. A former member of the Board of Directors and a past president of the agency, Howard brings a great understanding of the organization and a sincere appreciation of […]

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