LSA Thrivent Choice Voting

Lutheran Services in America (LSA) has a remarkable opportunity to win a share of $1 million in the Thrivent Choice Winter Voting Event, January 24 – February 28, 2011. Imagine what a difference even a portion of that pot could make for support and leadership of LSA member organizations! We can dream of the opportunities, […]

A Gold Medal Chaplain

Denise Brown, chaplain at the Filling Home in Napoleon, competed at the Masters World Swimming Championships in Goteburg, Sweden this summer. She won the 800 freestyle, placed 2nd in the 200 freestyle, 400 freestyle and open water swim, 4th in the 400 IM, and 6th in the 200 butterfly. Denise says she could not believe […]

LCS Chaplain Presides at Post-Crash Wedding

Chaplain Sarah Samson, MetroHealth Medical Center had the honor of presiding at the marriage of Cindy Alford and Rick Pringle on August 6th. Several local newspapers carried the story on August 7th. Alford and Pringle were patients at Metro following a motorcycle accident in 2009.

Board Member Spotlight: Nancie Smith

Board member Nancie Smith has been on the LCS Board of Directors since 2005. During this time she has served as Vice President of the board, Chairperson of the Development Committee and member of the Governance Committee. Reflecting on her service to LCS, Nancie said, “Chaplains are compassionate people providing an invaluable ministry to people […]

Thank You to Our Chaplains

Chaplains Kate Valentine and Cynthia Danals for serving as interim chaplains at Medina Hospital. Kate was with us from December 2009 until August. Cynthia joined Kate in late January 2010. Chaplain Robin Schreiber for providing interim coverage at Fairview Hospital from April to September 2010. Robin has now done four interims for LCS in the […]

LCS Welcomes New Chaplain Tricia Gilbert

The newest LCS chaplain is Tricia Gilbert who joined the Pastoral Care Department at Fairview Hospital as a staff chaplain on September 13. Tricia brings a variety of professional experience to her new ministry. She served as a pastor for a three point parish in rural Minnesota, a chaplain in the US Army in various […]

University Hospitals On-call Program

This July marks the second anniversary of the establishment of an on-call chaplain program at University Hospitals in Cleveland to provide access to pastoral care for nights, weekends, and holidays. UH asked Chaplain Harry Werner and Chaplain Partnership to create the program based on best practices elsewhere, hire the chaplains, and oversee their work as […]

Lakewood and Fairview Merge Pastoral Care Departments

Change is in the air in the Pastoral Care Departments at Fairview and Lakewood Hospitals this year. After serving as Coordinator of Pastoral Care at Fairview Hospital for 11 years, Chaplain Charles Terrell resigned in early March to move to North Carolina. He is now the Director of Pastoral Care at Cape Fear Valley Health […]

LCS Auxiliary Shares the Joy of Easter

Spreading the joy of Easter through the assembly of Easter Cheer packages has been one of the hallmarks of the LCS Auxiliary. This year the Auxiliary assembled over 4,100 packages that were distributed to residents of 36 area institutions including nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and the Juvenile Detention Center. This annual event was attended LCS […]

Board Member Spotlight: Lee Irving

LCS board member Lee Irving has a deep affection for the ministry of LCS and the work of chaplains. “Having a chaplain available to anyone who is in need of bodily healing from an illness or injury is a blessing, and the chaplain is a reminder to us all that we are more than just […]