Hurray for Chaplains

The people of Maine have spoken and that’s great news for the communities served by Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center. The decision by the hospital last year to lay off its paid chaplains and replace them with volunteers struck a nerve with many who expressed their dismay that professional chaplains were not part of […]

National Spiritual Care Week 2018 – October 21 – 27, 2018

“The theme for Spiritual Care Week in 2018 is “Hospitality – cultivating time”. Spiritual care has a wonderful history of cultures and religions that build communities’ sense of support and meaning. This year’s theme continues the emphasis on hospitality with a focus on cultivating time. The welcoming and belonging associated with hospitality require time that […]

“It’s Getting Harder to Talk About God”

Here’s a very thought-provoking article by Jonathan Merritt from The New York Times‘ October 13, 2018 edition on the decline in our spiritual vocabulary and the increasing absence of conversations about religion in America.

Hospice Chaplains Make a Difference

Here’s very nice story about the impact that hospice chaplain, Phyllis Borchert, has on the patients, families and staff that she attends to during the course of her ministry at a Chattanooga area hospice.…/hospice-chaplain-making-a-differenc…

Experts promote palliative care with spirituality as a boost to clinical medicine

Here’s an interesting article on the role that spirituality plays in palliative care.

Studies show spiritual care in hospitals related to lower rate of patient deaths

Here’s an interesting story on the positive effects that professional chaplains can have on a hospital’s patient population.  

MBL’s Chaplains

Here’s a fun story about Roman Catholic priests who serve as chaplains to major league baseball teams.

Thank You!

Chaplain Partnership and Staff, Thank you all for the Christian love, care and comfort you bring to those in hospitals and nursing homes. My hope is that my quilts/blankets provide added warmth to those Young and Not-So-Young who need to know that in Jesus’ name I too care about them. In Christian love, MaryBeth Bartik

“Do you have a sense of peace today?”

Here’s an interesting read from the Kansas City Star regarding primary care physicians’ attention to patients’ spiritual and religious beliefs.

Stories of Hope and Healing

Stepping back into my office after a long morning of doing rounds on my various hospital units, I found a note taped to my door. It was a request from a young husband who asked that I visit with his wife. She was recently admitted and they were awaiting a diagnosis so that a plan […]