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Stories of Hope and Healing

There are many stories of hope and healing that we encounter everyday as hospital Chaplains. One in particular happened just recently. It may not be your usual story of hope, but is one that shows another, perhaps unfamiliar, side of chaplaincy.

‘Whoever Provides Those Portals of Prayer Saved My Life!’

Yesterday as I was sitting at my computer working on a project, there was a knock at my door. There stood a man with the kindest smile. He was clutching a Bible. He looked at me rather shyly and said, “I’m sorry to bother you, ma’am, but are you the Chaplain?”

Reconnected with His Mother, a Boy Finds Hope

Chaplain Ralph Hughley has worked at the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center for the past 16 years and has been the face of Christ for thousands of youth who are at a crossroads with nowhere else to turn. The following story, in Chaplain Hughley’s own words, is an example of the connections made by chaplains […]

A Simple Gift Provides a Lifeline

Lutheran Hospital Chaplain Kathy Pforr shares a story that shows how LCS chaplains share the gift of Christ’s love. “I met Linda when she was a patient on the Behavioral Health Unit. She was alone in the world having lost all who were close to her as well as her home. She would not talk […]

The Impact of the Chaplain: An Administrator’s View

“The chaplain does so much and is a huge asset to our hospital. He is someone who provides spiritual care to our patients, which can be especially important to our trauma patients. He is always there from beginning to end, to be with the patients and their families. I greatly appreciate his presence and knowledge […]

Infant Burial Outfits Hand Sewn by LCS Auxiliary Volunteers

Two volunteers from the LCS Auxiliary are sewing and packaging burial garments for infants as part of “Diana’s Angels Project.” Miriam Bohning ordered the patterns from “Diana’s Angels Project.” Miriam and Verna Steinbrenner started sewing and recently took 50 infant burial sets to Chaplain Wayne Brass at MetroHealth Medical Center. “When I first saw the […]

Celebrating a Rare Baptism

Our hospital chaplains frequently do baptisms. Chaplains serving in skilled care facilities rarely have that privilege. Chaplain Julie Thoms tells the story of a recent baptism at The Good Shepherd, a skilled care facility in Ashland that is a part of Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio. Doug and Peg Phinney and Michael Lifer are […]

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