Executive Search Services

The vast majority of chaplains placed by Chaplain Partnership (CP) are employees of CP who are embedded in the institution’s staff where they serve, and we are responsible for their salary, benefits, payroll taxes, etc. We also provide them with convenient on-going continuing education opportunities.

However, we are also uniquely qualified to perform executive search services for organizations that wish to hire a candidate directly. Why? Because we have been placing chaplains with leading health care institutions for four decades and our experience helps save you time and money and increases the likelihood of the candidate’s success with your organization. Here’s how it works:

  • We meet with our clients to assess their needs and goals in regard to spiritual care services;
  • We develop a customized job description to identify the appropriate candidate qualities for the position;
  • We oversee all aspects of the search, identifying and interviewing qualified applicants, saving our clients the task of advertising, validating and evaluating candidate credentials and arranging for necessary background checks;
  • We will recommend the top candidates for the position, separately interview them and then participate in a follow-up interview with the client’s representatives to assure a solid match between the client and the candidate;
  • We are linked with chaplaincy programs nationwide, providing chaplains with references and resources beyond their local experience;
  • CP will provide consultation for the client and coaching for the chaplain for a period of 90 days after the starting date of the new chaplain by offering follow-up telephone support to the chaplain or director of pastoral care and to the institution’s administrator after placement; and
  • A CP Search Executive will be available to participate in the first 90-day performance evaluation of the chaplain.

If you would like CP to oversee your search process, please call CP’s Executive Director, Mark Laskey at (440) 455-9001 (ext. 206) or via email at mlaskey@chaplainpartnership.org.












URL: https://chaplainpartnership.org/services/executive-search-services/