Taking the Guesswork Out of Hiring a Chaplain

The Right Chaplain Makes a Difference

Selecting a chaplain or director of pastoral care is an important decision that can have far reaching effects for your organization. Unfortunately, most administrators have little experience with hiring chaplains. They may not be up-to-date on the national standards for chaplains and spiritual care. And they have no network for recruiting the best candidates, many of whom may live out of state.

Finding the right chaplain is the best way to assure that your organization benefits from excellence in spiritual care which leads to:

  • Greater satisfaction of patients or clients and their families
  • Staff support that improves employee satisfaction and can reduce turnover
  • Improved community relations
  • Expertise in responding to ethical issues
  • A holistic dimension to interdisciplinary care teams

A Premier Provider of Chaplaincy Search Services

During 38 years of managing chaplains and designing spiritual care programs, CP has placed more that 120 chaplains and interviewed hundreds more. We offer a nationwide network or referral sources and knowledge of ecclesiastical endorsement procedures. As a provider with national scope and reach across many denominations, CP is uniquely qualified to help you find the ideal fit.

CP starts with a comprehensive assessment that discovers your needs and engages the leaders in your organization in creating a vision for spiritual care. Then we apply a proven system of recruiting and screening qualified, clinically-trained chaplains who fit that vision. We will then introduce your organization to “preferred finalists” and guide your team through its own interview with them.

After your organization makes its choice, CP will coach and support the new chaplain for 90 days after placement, to assure a successful transition. No other search firm offers this level of support.

Unique and Comprehensive Search Services

  • Assist institutions in assessing their spirituals care needs and in understanding the accepted endorsement and certification standards and the skills that clinically-trained chaplains bring to an institution.
  • Help develop custom job functions to meet specific qualities of each institution.
  • Conduct national searches for qualified clinically-trained applicants, saving institutions the task of advertising, validating and evaluating candidate credentials.
  • Review all resumes, identify the top candidates for consideration and conduct preliminary telephone interviews (all resumes made available to the institution).
  • Recommend the top three candidates for interview and facilitate the interviews by the institution.
  • Provide consultation for the organization and coaching for 90 days via telephone support to the chaplain and institution administrator.
  • Participate in 90-day performance evaluation of the chaplain.

Principal Consultant

Mark Laskey, Executive Director since 2011. Extensive experience in assessing chaplaincy needs, recruiting excellent candidates and conducting thorough reference reviews and conducting effective interviews.


URL: https://chaplainpartnership.org/services/taking-the-guesswork-out-of-hiring-a-chaplain/