What We Do

Chaplain Partnership employs professionally trained chaplains who serve in institutions that contract with us for spiritual care services. Our partner institutions are located throughout the northern half of Ohio and include hospitals, long-term care facilities, and a facility for the developmentally disabled.

We also offer our expertise as a search service for healthcare institutions seeking a chaplain.

How We Work

When an institution contracts with Chaplain Partnership for spiritual care services, Chaplain Partnership works with that institution to develop a profile and job description for the chaplain. We then conduct a nationwide, regional or local search for chaplains who will be a good match for the institution’s culture and setting. The final candidates interview with staff from both the institution and Chaplain Partnership, and the hiring decision is made jointly.

The chaplains screened and hired by our organization have a minimum of a Masters Degree in an appropriate field, four units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and are eligible for board certification by the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC), National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC), or one of several other professional chaplain organizations. Many chaplains also have an endorsement from their denomination and all of our chaplain serve all people regardless in an ecumenical manner respecting their respective backgrounds

URL: https://chaplainpartnership.org/services/what-we-do/