Who We Serve


Chaplain Partnership assists institutions in assessing their spiritual care needs and delivers a cost-efficient solution for streamlining management, controlling costs and protecting quality of care. Chaplain Partnership conducts national searches for qualified, clinically-trained chaplains, providing recommendations of the best candidates, and guidance through the interview process.

For over 37 years, Chaplain Partnership has been in the business of managing chaplains and designing spiritual care programs. During this time, Chaplain Partnership has built a network of certified professionals who achieve superior levels of patient-centered care at a lower cost and with improved employee morale. This proven track record in excellent contract support transcends denominational boundaries.

Institutions can work with Chaplain Partnership in one of two ways. First, an institution can contract with Chaplain Partnership to hire a chaplain for them who will receive ongoing professional training arranged by Chaplain Partnership and will be monitored by the Chaplain Partnership administrative staff. Second, an institution can hire Chaplain Partnership to conduct a search to find a professional chaplain for a one-time fee.

In either scenario, Chaplain Partnership is an expert at finding exceptional spiritual care providers for institutions to enhance the quality of care and increase patient satisfaction.


Clinically trained chaplains with a minimum of 4 units of Clinical Pastoral Education seeking a position may submit resumes to Chaplain Partnership when chaplain searches are being conducted for our partner institutions. The Chaplain Partnership executive staff may also provide consultation for chaplains searching for a position that matches their background and experience.

View our Employment page for potential opportunities.

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