Attending to the needs of our community by providing spiritual care to patients, families, and staff through direct and indirect services.

We put people first by caring for their spiritual and emotional needs during the most important moments of their lives.
Our chaplains are fully integrated into the teams responsible for providing patient care and educating the health care providers and physicians-in-training. We:

Expand the Scope of Care

To enhance holistic and multidisciplinary care the scope is expanded to include the spiritual, emotional and relational dimensions for all parties.

Integrate Into the Team

Our chaplains are part of the team responsible for providing patient care and educating health care providers.

Provide Wellness Care

Creating opportunities for care-givers and staff to experience rest and rejuvenation in order to combat burnout in the workplace.

Provide Direct Spiritual Care

Regardless of religious and cultural backgrounds our chaplains are always available to offer spiritual care to those in need.

Our tailored programs deliver increased productivity, reduced employee turnover and burnout, and improved employee experience and resilience.

A Snapshot of Chaplain Partnership and the Work We Do

The Art of Spiritual Care

Our podcast series is a collaboration and discussion with professionals in the fields of chaplaincy, spiritual care, wellness, medical education, theology, and psychology exploring ways of building resilience and well-being.

Listen to Episode 2: The Benefits of Becoming a Board Certified Chaplain with my guest, Greg Daniel.

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