Our Spiritual Care & Wellness Program

Our Spiritual Care and Wellness Program

Our program aims to create a culture of medicine that views and cares for each patient and customer holistically. To approach such an endeavor, one must establish an environment that highlights the value and individualism each healthcare provider brings to the bedside. In addition, the patient’s perspective must be captured gaining a full understanding of the social determinants of health.

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Our Spiritual Care and Wellness Program is founded on a two faceted model, an active pedagogy and praxis. In addition, we include qualitative and quantitative metrics designed to demonstrate the value added to the workforce and the institution’s bottom line. The program delivers increased productivity, reduced employee turnover and burnout, and improved employee experience and resilience. Also leading to better patient experience leading to improved HCAHPS scores.

As part of our pedagogical model we have developed a wellness and resilience curriculum intended to enhance the employee’s experience. A series of interactive seminars aimed to build communication skills to enhance the team’s cohesion and creating a positive work environment and building resilience to combat burnout and turnover.

We also include a clinical pedagogical model that emphasizes the perspective of the patient by highlighting the social determinants of their experience. We offer the learner experiential awareness of the challenges faced by patients and additional resources to utilize in their development of a patient’s treatment plan. The curriculum covers subject matter ranging from cultivating compassion and resilience to understanding relational dynamics and the power of perspective.

We strategically integrate our spiritual care providers within service lines, establishing a continuity of care. Placing our spiritual care providers within specific service lines aides in coverage from admission to discharge. In addition, building relationships among the staff creating an environment of trust. With more robust spiritual care coverage, Chaplain Partnership not only offers the highest standard of service but extends coverage to all faculty and staff.


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